Praesidium 513 19-6-24

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At the recent Enthronement meeting of Praesidium Conclave, the Division NEL Guards’ conclave, coincided with the first official visit by the newly appointed Deputy Intendant-General, Ill.Kt. David Kenworthy P.G.W. of R.  The Conclave was opened by the Divisional Marshall, Ill.Kt. Michael Walkden P.G.Std.B.(L.), after which the Dep. Int.-Gen. was admitted through an Arch of Steel.  Ill.Kt. Michael welcomed the Dep. Int-Gen. and offered him the baton of the conclave which on this occasion, as the enthroning Sovereign, he retained.
After the usual salutations Ill.Kt. Kenworthy then Enthroned Ill.Kt. Peter (Trigger) Rogers P.G.W of R. into the Chair of Constantine.  Ill.Kt. Peter was then saluted with the usual Honors.  In the absence of Ill.Kt. Graham Newton P.G.W. of R. his Consecration as Eminent Viceroy was postponed until the October meeting.   The newly Enthroned Sovereign then appointed and thanked his Officers.  The meeting was well attended with 22 Knights present and 18 stayed for the very pleasant and harmonious festival board afterwards.