Rose of Fylde 4-5-24

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Despite the bright sunshine, so much missed in recent weeks, 16 knights were present at Fleetwood Masonic Hall, now Rose of Fylde’s official home, to see E Comp Thomas Lawrence Egan Installed as the Division’s newest Red Cross Knight.  The day was not without incident; some 20 minutes before the start of the meeting M.P.Kt. Ernie Gavan had to return home because he was feeling particularly unwell.  M.P.Kt. Kevin Porter, a visitor and himself still with a crutch not his usual sword after a recent knee replacement, readily agreed to stand in as Sovereign for the meeting which then proceeded as planned.  W.Kt. Tom should have been Installed at the Conclave’s February meeting but he went down with Covid and therefore it was especially important that his Installation was not delayed again.

That the meeting progressed well, with visitors assisting the Conclave in various offices, demonstrated the co-operation, fellowship and harmony in this beautiful order.  Today was only the second Installation Ceremony for M.P.Kt. Kevin, who had fortunately Installed a new Knight into James Edward Glover Conclave only a month ago and now had an early practice for his third one which will be in June, again at James Edward Glover.   P.Kt. John Ogden assisted by standing in as Prelate,  Ill.Kt. Peter Rogers as Herald, Ill.Kt. Michael Walkden (Divisional Marshal) as Sentinel and Ill.Kt. David Kenworthy delivered the Oration.

Following the meeting there was a Full Fleetwood Brunch (FFB) with all the usual breakfast fare plus additional delicacies such as haggis, Spam fritters and waffles.   The Conclave thanks all the visitors who attended and in particular E.Kt. Daniel Healey, Viceroy of Trinity Conclave No 281, and all those who took offices with the hope that they will return for the next Rose of Fylde meeting on Saturday 23rd November 2024 when E.Kt. David Redford will be Enthroned as Sovereign, and the warm sunny weather will be a distant memory.

Thanks to David Kenworthy for Picture and Report