Divisional Charity Dinner – 12th August 2023

Hosted by our Intendant-General at Preston Masonic Hall Saul Street Preston. A very enjoyable evening of good food ,good company and friendship was enjoyed by all. The evening successfully raised over £1200 to be donated towards the Grand Sovereign Care for Children Fund.

A Special day for Stydd Conclave June 17th 2023 Grand Sovereign visit, David Rhodes 50th and two new Knights Installed.

June 17th 2023 was a special day indeed for Stydd Conclave No 302.Apart from welcoming The Grand Sovereign Graham Leslie Flight G.C.C to their regular meeting at Preston Masonic Hall, the meeting itself proved special. After being announced by the Grand Marshal, V .Ill.Kt Paul A. Norman P.G.H.Alm The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign entered accompanied by the Grand Sepulchre Guard and received salutations and a warm welcome from the M.P.Sov P.Kt Stephen Croasdale.
The first part of the meeting was to Install Companion Philip Woods, son of one of our senior members, as a Knight of The Order. The ceremony was conducted by the M.P.S P.Kt Stephen Croasdale, the accolade being conducted by The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign. After the Ceremony The Grand Sovereign presented certificates to Philip Woods and to another new Knight Paul McKernan, explaining the content.
Next came the celebration of 50 years as a member of Red Cross Of Constantine for Ill Kt David K Rhodes,P G Orator and a founder of the Conclave. This was conducted by The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign who related Ill Kt Rhodes ‘s experiences in all aspects of Freemasonry at the conclusion of which the Grand Sovereign made a Field Promotion promoting Ill Kt Rhodes to Past Grand Junior General a rare appointment which raises him to Very Illustrious Knight.
The meeting was followed by a light lunch attended by 51 members and visitors, during which our Intendant General Rt Ill Kt Stephen William Bolton presented a cheque on behalf of the Division for £2000 in favour of The Grand Sovereign Care for Children Fund.